We couldn’t say we improve the verification process if we made it difficult to deploy any of our identity solutions. Depending on which delivery method you select, you can start enjoying the benefits of our identity verification and age verification in a matter of minutes or just a few days without large up-front costs.

More dynamic and configurable than any other products on the market, our rules-based engine lets you make changes to the system that take effect immediately without burdening your IT staff. Should you ever need our help, we’re here to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Delivery Methods:

Web Portal – You’ll get a user name and password for you to access our Internet-based product and perform verifications when needed.

API – Our API makes it very easy to seamlessly integrate with your existing system or branded website.

Mobile Access – Perform both identity verification and age verifications including ExpectID IQ’s multiple choice questions through a handheld device

Batch – Upload files and run multiple verifications all at once.

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