Are you ready to approve more customers without increasing friction or fraud?

Smarter, Multi-layered Identity Verification

To stay competitive in today’s digital marketplace, your business must use technology to locate, verify and approve consumers quickly - and without friction.

IDology is the trusted identity verification leader. We have everything you need to drive revenue, remove friction and fight fraud in one platform:

  • Superior Locate and Pass Rates
  • Fully Programmatic KYC and KYB Verification
  • Integrated Cross-Border Identity Verification
  • Leading Anti-Fraud Consortium Network
  • Innovative Machine Learning + Human Anti-Fraud Expertise

Whether your organization needs help satisfying compliance regulations, onboarding new customers, deploying step-up verification or deterring fraud, IDology can help.

See Our Solutions In Action

ExpectID® Business

Know Your Business Solution

Automate KYB and KYC due diligence to onboard more clients faster while preventing fraud at scale.

ExpectID® Flex API

Low-Code Orchestration

One API to create flexible customer journeys, minimize risk, while keeping costs and compliance in check.

ExpectID® Scan Forensics Plus

ID Document Verification

Automate ID document verification and build customer trust with a branded, B2C iFrame journey.

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