Identity Rehab Partners with IDology To Deliver Comprehensive Consumer Identity Theft & Fraud Protection Service

New Features Enhance Solutions Ability to Verify Consumers for eCommerce Companies
and Call Centers

ATLANTA – May 22, 2007 –IDology Inc., a leading provider of age and identity verification solutions, today announced it has released Version 5.0 of its ExpectID product suite. This release includes significant new features and more flexibility for businesses needing to verify legitimate customers in “customer-not-present” activities while also protecting consumers from identity theft and the misuse of sensitive personal data.

“Some of these enhancements are features that will better assist our call center in verifying the identities of our customers,” said Joseph Dunne, CFO of TigerDirect. “And because of IDology’s on-demand software as a service model, we were able to turn features on instantly and are already seeing the benefits.”

Some of the new capabilities of ExpectID Version 5.0 are:

  • Additional Question Topics specifically designed to assist in verifying customers and people with limited data records
  • ExpectID Differentiator which is used to distinguish the person being verified from others with similar names and addresses
  • Call Center Enhancements including advanced question configuration logic to reduce processing times for call center representatives and ExpectID Second Chance which assists the representatives with capturing additional information from consumers when needed to improve results

“We take pride on being a company that is easy to do business with and are very customer centric,” said John Dancu, CEO and President of IDology. “These features were implemented at the request of our customers to improve their ability to verify consumers when the demographics of those consumers are more complex.”

The ExpectID suite of solutions is currently available. Contact IDology at or 866-520-1234 for pricing information.

About ExpectID

ExpectID is a real-time technology solution that verifies someone’s identity without requiring sensitive information, such as a social security number or driver’s license. Other solutions based on the ExpectID platform include ExpectID Age and ExpectID IQ. ExpectID Age instantly verifies someone’s age and is recognized as the industry standard in the age verification space. ExpectID IQ provides a higher level of verification based on knowledge-based authentication which uses intelligent, multiple-choice questions to confirm someone is who they claim to be. All of the ExpectID solutions are designed to easily work together or stand alone; giving businesses the freedom and flexibility to choose what is needed as quickly as the demands of their business change.

About IDology, Inc.

IDology, Inc ( provides real-time technology solutions that verify an individuals identity and age while maintaining consumer privacy and building trust through the responsible use of data. Our proprietary product ExpectID(tm) validates individuals using as little information as name and address. And our industry leading ExpectID Age confirms someone’s age in customer not present environments. Through our patent pending process and advanced technology engine businesses can enable knowledge-based authentication to verify customers without alienating them or being labor intensive on their business. IDology helps its customers drive revenue, reduce costs and prevent fraud. For more information contact

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