SIGNiX and IDology Partner to Provide Verifiable Proof of Identity, Intent and Integrity within Digital Signatures

Partnership offers businesses a compliant and legally enforceable way to authenticate digital signers

ATLANTA, GA (June 8, 2010) – Digital signature provider SIGNiX is changing the e-signature market by providing a solution that offers its customers the security of non-repudiation. Based on public key cryptography, which allows you to know if a document has been modified post signature, the company’s SIGNOLOGY solutions were specifically developed for web-based transactions and electronic document automation to help facilitate paperless workflow. To better combat fraud, SIGNiX announced that it has integrated IDology, Inc.’s ExpectID identity verification solutions to reduce risks associated with identity theft.

“SIGNiX’s digital signatures permanently secure the identity of signers and the document’s contents, which is why it’s important to have assurance that someone is real and actually who they say they are at the time of signing,” says Jay Jumper, CEO of SIGNiX. “Having IDology’s services integrated with our digital signature technology helps simplify the verification process and reduces the overall risk of fraud.”

SIGNiX’s PKI-protected digital signature keeps clients safe from risk when signing legally binding Web-based business transactions and electronic documents. IDology’s solutions are used to verify that the identity behind the digital signature is real so that businesses and customers can engage in trusted business transactions without having to be in the same place.

Before establishing their digital signature, signers are presented with a set of dynamically generated multiple choice questions that only the actual, real person will know how to answer. These questions are seamlessly integrated into SIGNOLOGY’s process and take just a few minutes to complete. After IDology verifies the signer’s identity, SIGNiX electronically seals the document with a PKI digital signature, providing globally verifiable proof of identity, intent and integrity.

“We are experts in being able to quickly and easily proof someone’s identity in a consumer-not-present situation,” said John Dancu, CEO of IDology. “Enabling SIGNiX’s digital signatures with identity verification keeps the identity proofing process safe without compromising time or privacy. We are excited about this partnership and expanding our reach into the digital signature market.”

About SigniX

SIGNiX is the premier global provider of business optimization through digital signatures for industries such as financial services, insurance, healthcare, government, and education. SIGNiX’s management team and developers have over 10 years of experience in online, security and digital signature applications. SIGNiX helps the enterprise transform and expedite transactions, scale their business processes and reduce costs with the proper controls required by regulation, legislation and industry best practice. Digital signature solutions produce legally enforceable electronic records while moving to a paperless environment. The Company’s vision is to provide a trusted digital signature on every online business document. For more information visit

About IDology, Inc.

IDology, Inc. provides real-time technology solutions that verify an individual’s identity and age for anyone conducting business in consumer-not-present environments to help drive revenue, decrease costs and prevent fraud. Founded in 2003, IDology is the only provider to offer an on-demand change management tool that allows client business-unit managers to control the entire proofing process, including within an integrated solution, without having to rely on internal IT resources or contact IDology’s customer service. For more information, visit or call 866-520-1234.

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