The Future of Payment Infographic: New Ways to Pay

Nearly gone are the days when you’d reach into your purse or take out your wallet in order to pay cash at a store. With the hustle and bustle of today’s society, convenience, speed and security are three important factors for customers when deciding on which businesses to frequent. Digital payments and other ways to […]

Health Information Exchange Security

Healthcare Information Security

Think about the last time you visited the doctor, or dentist. How did you make your appointment? Did you call to schedule an appointment or did you book it online? Were your charts in a manila folder or on a laptop? If you were prescribed medicine, did the doctor write a prescription on a piece […]

2014 Dirty Dozen Tax Scams Released. How Are You Protecting Consumers?

IRS Dirty Dozen - Tax Fraud

Since last year’s tax filing season which saw a considerable amount of fraud, the IRS has been working hard to expand their efforts to better protect taxpayers and help any victims that took a hit. Even though stopping identity theft and refund fraud is on the top priority for the IRS, recent studies have shown […]

The History of Online Gambling Infographic

Online gambling and gaming in the United States exists in a very complex environment, where both governmental laws and public sentiment play a huge role. Gambling itself was largely practiced in the early U.S., mainly in the form of lotteries, until it was completely banned in the 1890’s. Gambling slowly started to make its way […]

IDology Customer Satisfaction Survey Infographic

Customer Satisfaction Survey Infographic2-01

IDology is acknowledged in the industry for not only our solutions, but more importantly, for our customer care. Our customer service team raises the bar when it comes to customer satisfaction and performs well beyond what is expected every single day. At IDology, it is our fundamental understanding that our company’s success is directly linked […]

Keep Innovating – It’s the Key to Stopping Fraud


“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship…the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.”  ~Peter F. Drucker Innovation is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as the “introduction of something new” or a “new idea, method or device”. Innovation can be found everywhere. We live in a society that is surrounded by […]

Age Verification Infographic: The Importance of Protecting Children

Why is Age Verification Important? In our highly connected society, it is possible for consumers to access and purchase almost anything online – including age-restricted content and products such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling or gaming. It is our responsibility and obligation, in this growing customer-not-present environment, to protect minors and keep goods and services intended […]

Bitcoin Infographic: What is Bitcoin?

Although Bitcoin has been around for a few years, the market has flown fairly under the radar until recently when its value soared to over $1000 in November 2013, a huge leap from even where it began the year at a value of $13.56. So…what is Bitcoin exactly? Bitcoin is a digital currency – a […]

Infographic: The Evolution of Global Identity Verification

The Evolution of Global Identity Verification - Small

The use of the internet has become prevalent around the world.  And, while going online can, in many ways, make life much easier, there are also concerns that arise.  As technology has evolved, cunning fraudsters have been able to take advantage of both businesses and consumers operating in this customer-not-present environment – leading to increased […]

IDology’s Angel Tree Drive Helps Spread the Holiday Cheer!

IDology's Angel Tree

This holiday season, the folks at IDology participated in an Angel Tree program through the Prison Fellowship. The Angel Tree program reaches out to children of inmates and their families and delivers a special gift to those who might otherwise have little to celebrate this time of year. With more than 2.7 million American children […]