Online Education & Training: The History of Distance Learning Infographic

Distance learning continues to grow in popularity as more and more students enroll in higher education as well as professional training courses online. While this seems like a relatively recent phenomenon, students have been able to participate in distance learning for over 170 years, in one form or another. Sir Isaac Pitman’s shorthand course was […]

Infographic: What Happens to an Identity Once it’s Been Stolen?

With advances in technology being made each day, it is important for consumers and businesses to keep up with the times in order to protect sensitive data and personal information. Widespread data breaches and identity theft continue to be a serious problem, which is why it is important to understand how it affects all parties […]

Know Your Customer (KYC) Infographic

In an effort to prevent identity theft and mitigate risk, the United States government stepped in to make sure that companies were verifying the true identities of their users before completing transactions. As a result, the Customer Identification Program (CIP) was created to ensure that financial organizations were following a set of rules and regulations […]

Reducing Cheating and Financial Aid Fraud in Distance Learning

Online Education Distance Learning

In a recent study by Babson Research (1), the number of students taking an online course totals over 7 million, and the proportion of higher education students taking at least one online course is roughly 33 percent. As online courses increase in popularity, the propensity for fraud – both monetary and academic – can also […]

IDology on eCommerce Fraud Panel at the CNP Expo – May 21, 2014


IDology CEO, John Dancu, will be on a panel discussing eCommerce Fraud today at 2:15pm at the Card-Not-Present (CNP) Expo at the Omni in Orlando, FL. The panel is called “E-Commerce Fraud, It’s Bad and it’s Only Getting Worse” and, as the title indicates, will revolve around fraud – which is the single biggest concern […]

Knowledge Based Authentication Infographic: The Difference between Static, Dynamic & Enhanced KBA

Knowledge based authentication, also known as KBA, is a type of authentication which looks to prove that the person providing identity information truly is that exact person. As its name suggests, KBA is based on some sort of knowledge the individual has. Knowledge based authentication continues to get more sophisticated in order to keep information […]

Consumers Concerned about Information Privacy and the Importance of Developing a Mindset Around Security

Concept Of Digital Security

Over the last 15 years we have seen how our lives have gradually shifted to a more technology-driven, social era were personal information is both housed and shared online including financial, personal and even health-related information. As we continue to advance and engage more and more in this online environment, it is increasingly important for […]

The Future of Payment Infographic: New Ways to Pay

Nearly gone are the days when you’d reach into your purse or take out your wallet in order to pay cash at a store. With the hustle and bustle of today’s society, convenience, speed and security are three important factors for customers when deciding on which businesses to frequent. Digital payments and other ways to […]

Health Information Exchange Security

Healthcare Information Security

Think about the last time you visited the doctor, or dentist. How did you make your appointment? Did you call to schedule an appointment or did you book it online? Were your charts in a manila folder or on a laptop? If you were prescribed medicine, did the doctor write a prescription on a piece […]

2014 Dirty Dozen Tax Scams Released. How Are You Protecting Consumers?

IRS Dirty Dozen - Tax Fraud

Since last year’s tax filing season which saw a considerable amount of fraud, the IRS has been working hard to expand their efforts to better protect taxpayers and help any victims that took a hit. Even though stopping identity theft and refund fraud is on the top priority for the IRS, recent studies have shown […]