As Online Gaming Continues to Grow…What You Should Know

Online Gaming

Online Gaming has been around for some time and it’s been known by many names including, igaming, egaming, remote gaming, interactive wagering, and many others. According to the Gaming Standards Association, online gaming can be defined as: Playing a game of chance on an electronic device that is connected remotely to a gaming system via […]

Worldwide Fraud Losses Up 14.6% According to The Nilson Report

Operating in a customer-not-present environment can be risky business. And, doing so without the proper tools is downright dangerous. The financial services and payment industries are increasingly becoming targets for fraudsters looking for illegal financial gain. Year after year, fraud losses continue to rise and businesses that do not heed the statistics run the risk […]

Will Biometric Technology Such as Touch ID in the New Apple iPhone Replace KBA?

Apple iPhone 5s

As you probably heard, last week Apple released their new and improved iPhone – the iPhone 5S. Much of the “hype” about this new apple phone surrounded the added Touch ID fingerprint sensor that can read the user’s fingerprint in order to unlock the phone. While Apple is taking biometric technology more mainstream, biometrics is […]

Understanding NIST Standards When Dealing with Electronic Authentication


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is not only one of the nation’s oldest physical science laboratories, it is also a non-regulatory agency of the United States Department of Commerce. From nanotechnologies to the world’s largest and most complex creations, NIST conducts research in support of a very wide array of technologies. The […]

IDology Expands Internationally with ExpectID Global

Global Identity Verification

The ability to conduct business safely and securely in today’s international marketplace is an essential part of a rapidly evolving global economy. When oceans separate businesses from customers, the ability to verify that a consumer is who they say they are is more important than ever. To help solve this problem, we are pleased to […]

Infographic: The Evolution of Manual Document Review

Photo ID Scan & Validation Small

The reverberations triggered by rapid advancements in technology have left very little unaffected. Manual documentation review is just one area transformed as technology has evolved. Manual document review processes, due to improvements in technology, have become more and more automated. These rapid innovations have taken the guesswork out of evaluating and approving documentation by essentially […]

Healthcare Insurance Fraud – How Could the Affordable Care Act Impact You and Your Business?

Healthcare fraud

On October 1, the Federal Government will launch the Health Care Exchange Marketplace, the vessel by which Americans will apply for subsidized insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Marketplace supports enrollees in their search for insurance coverage by allowing them to shop multiple providers in their area with one application. To facilitate […]

Infographic: Trends in Fraud

Trends for Suspected Fraudulent Activity

Fraud? Oh no…couldn’t happen to me! Is that how you or your organization approaches potential fraud? Well…if so, it might be time to take a closer look. In our recent Fraud Report, 66% of organizations reported suspected fraud attempts in the past 12 months – 35% of respondents stated an increase in these attempts. Today, […]

Check your Hardware – New Ways Fraudsters Steal Your Information


An article recently came out in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution covering a man who was involved in a wide-spread identity theft scheme that targeted unsuspecting individuals using something known as a keystroke grabber. Erkes Antwon Green was able to steal over 150 identities and constructed files that contained people’s names, date of birth and Social Security […]

Our 2013 Fraud Survey & Analysis

Fraud Analysis

IDology is happy to announce that we have released our 2013 Fraud Report! The report, which is based on a survey released through TechValidate, a third party research organization, is a collection of responses from senior executives within IDology’s customer base.  Individuals polled come from various industries including healthcare, retail, telecommunications, energy, banking and financial […]